Vaccination campaigns give the impression that the body is not up to the stresses and challenges of today's world. The following quotation illustrates the potential of the human body.

Source: Ulrich Warnke, "Brain Magic

The structure of man is simply a miracle. Its structure and most of its functions have remained unchanged for about 250,000 years.

We live and work based on an archaic basic structure, but the knowledge about us humans has steadily increased and there is nothing comparable and highly developed on this planet.

We humans consist of up to 100 trillion cells, that is about 15 000 times more people than there are on earth and 1000 times more than there are stars in our galaxy Milky Way.

  • In our body, 600 billion cells die every day, but just as many are built up every day. That is more than 10 million cells per second.
  • Every 5 days the stomach and intestinal mucosa is completely renewed.
  • Every 6 weeks parts of our liver are renewed.
  • Fatty tissue is completely replaced every 3 weeks.
  • Every 4 weeks the cells of our skin have renewed themselves.
  • Every 3 months our skeleton renews itself.
  • The foetus in utero produces 250 000 nerve cells per minute alone.

Our immune system is at least as intelligent as our brain. It can organize, create order and has a lifelong memory.

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