About Dr Laschkolnig

Growing up in Carinthia, Völkermarkt, I knew already as a child that something was waiting for me, something that would allow me to live all my creative sides.

Alternative medicine was my goal from the very beginning, and as fate would have it, shortly before the end of my studies I met Mathias Dorsci I met him. He gave me the opportunity to start in the homeopathic outpatient clinic at Lainz Hospital and later to practise.

I was patient, always listened to my inner voice and during my work as a doctor and homeopath I always took something with me in countless conversations and sessions with my patients, whether big or small.

Today, they have made me what I stand for and now also want to pass on.

For me, it is time to bring this knowledge to the outside world in my seminars and to impart it to a wider circle.

It is important to me to inspire and excite young people. "Listen to yourself and your inner voice" for the benefit of your health.

I have also found a new home in my seminars and look forward to many new impulses each time.

Dr. Christine Laschkolnig

To live to feel and express our creative sides.

Homeopathic medicine supports and accompanies the healing process.


Every person is unique. Homeopathy is tuned to look at each person in its entirety.

Holistic medicine - health and disease

Just as death is part of life and night follows day, health and illness are two sides of the same coin. The body in its innate wisdom knows exactly when it needs an acute illness for its development. Illness is the body's inherent self-healing mechanism. If it is overtaxed by too much work, stress, insufficient sleep, unhealthy nutrition and too little exercise, it fights back.

Deepen your knowledge in my homeopathy seminars!

Seminars - Applying homeopathy

27April18:0021:00Homeopathy - DeepeningDates spring 2023 - Vienna

04May18:0021:00Homeopathy - DeepeningDates spring 2023 - Vienna

11May18:0021:00Homeopathy - DeepeningDates spring 2023 - Vienna

My books

My book "homöopathisch heilen" is addressed to all who want to learn more about homoeopathy and leads readers to more self-responsibility. It is a handbook in which the healing effects of homeopathic remedies are clearly presented.

Self-responsibility instead of fear

"Remembrance of Atlantis" tells of my journey into the past, on which fear, despair and pain accompany me. These are also felt by my readers. But the book ends on a positive note: we can live the freedom we dream of.

Self-responsibility instead of fear

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