My Philosophy

Grown up in Carinthia, Völkermarkt, I already knew as a child that I had a major task ahead of me. „To solve and to live, I was born for.“

Alternatively, medicine was my goal from the beginning, and as fate would have it, I met Mathias Dorsci shortly before graduating. He gave me the opportunity to start in the homeopathic ambulance at the Lainz hospital and later to practice.

During my work as a doctor and homeopath, I always learned from the countless discussions and sessions with my patients, big or small.

They helped me to become who I am today.

For me it is time to apply this knowledge in my seminars, to the outside world and to convey it to a larger circle.

It is important for me to inspire young people, to challenge them and to drive them. „Listen to yourself and your inner voice!“ For the sake of your health.

In my seminars I also found a new home and I am always looking forward to many new impulses.

Dr. Christine Laschkolnig

To live, to feel and express my creative sides



Hundreds of Happy Patients

Elke L. from Vienna

The seminar has opened my inner eye

Jeanne D. from Vienna

made the handling and applications of homeopathic medicine much more visible

Markus H. from Vienna

brought me much closer to the spectrum of homeopathic effects



Just as death is a part of life and night follows day, so are health and illness two sides of the same coin. In its innate wisdom the body knows exactly when it needs an acute illness for its development. Illness is a self-healing mechanism inherent to the body. Faced with an overload of work, stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition and lack of exercise the body will defend itself.


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My books

A Pathway to Healing for everybody seeking a self-care alternative to conventional, modern medicine.

This beautifully illustrated homeopathic guide gives the lay reader a clear introduction to the action of homeopathic remedies on the physical, mental, and emotional level.

Selbstverantwortung statt Angst

„Remembering Atlantis“ tells my journey into the past. The central themes are anxiety, despair and pain.

These seem to arouse not only in me deep, past memories, but also in my readers.

Selbstverantwortung statt Angst


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