Founder of homeopathy is Doctor Samuel Hahnemann.

He was born in 1757 in Meissen (Saxony) and died at an old age in 1843 in Paris. He was considered one of the leading scientists of that time. In his capacity as a physician, pharmacist and chemist, he has published numerous and valuable works in these fields. He wrote the “Organon of the art of healing” in which he laid down in 291 paragraphs the entire methodology of homeopathy.

Paragraph 1: “The doctor’s highest and only profession is to make sick people healthy, what is called healing.”

Homeopathy – homoios (gr.) = Similar, pathos (gr.) = Suffering

Homeopathy is a healing method that captures the patient in its entirety and understands the cause of the disease in a disorder of the entire personality. There is no separation of mind, soul and body. Illness is always an expression of a deep disagreement in the system and requires a remedy that is capable of inner balance restore. The pain is seen as a friend who clearly signals which topic needs a solution. With the homeopathic remedy, the diseased organism is addressed in the innermost core.

For every human, there is a remedy that not only eliminates the physical illnesses and disorders but also restores the mental balance.

How does homeopathy work?
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