Future workshop

How can I break away from the past and start anew?

Dr Christine Laschkolnig Scottish Stone

At present, we clearly feel how disorientation is spreading in our society. The present challenges us because we can no longer apply the old, familiar patterns and make compromises.

Light meditation has developed as an important part of my future workshop. Together we create an energy field that not only illuminates our own issues and brings them to the surface, but can also be perceived collectively and supports awakening processes. Darkness has no place in the light.

In the "Future Workshop" you will find other questioners, the space and the opportunity to exchange on topics such as:

- Saying goodbye to feelings of fear, doubt and indecision
- Saying goodbye to blocking beliefs
- Trust in your own inner voice
- Awakening one's own creative vein
- Reorientation on all levels (living, relationships, professional, etc.)

The group energy supports each one of us on our individual path to our own clarity and inner freedom. Let's start together into a time of creative perspectives!

I look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Christine Laschkolnig

Visit the Future Workshop:

01February18:0021:00Future WorkshopFuture Workshop 2023 - Vienna

01March18:0021:00Future WorkshopFuture Workshop 2023 - Vienna

19April18:0021:00Future WorkshopFuture Workshop 2023 - Vienna

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Self-responsibility instead of fear

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Self-responsibility instead of fear

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