Homeopathic Healing: Self-responsibility replacing Fear (English Edition)

A Pathway to Healing for everybody seeking a self-care alternative to conventional, modern medicine.



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This beautifully illustrated homeopathic guide gives the lay reader a clear introduction to the action of homeopathic remedies on the physical, mental, and emotional level.

28 carefully chosen homeopathic remedies are presented and described in intuitive, color-coded tables, along with clear instructions for their administration. These remedies can be used to treat one’s self and one’s family for everything from first-aid to acute ailments.

Drawing on her 25 years of homeopathic practice, Dr. Christine Laschkolnig explains the significance of health and disease in respect to the development of children and adults, and presents her deeply-convicted argument for the preferential use of homeopathy in a world gone crazy with medical specialists, pharmacology, and vaccination.

The effects of vaccination, on babies in particular, has been a focus of Dr. Laschkolnig’s practice in recent years.

She discusses her findings regarding the function of childhood diseases in the development of a healthy immune system, and takes a critical look at current vaccination practice, providing parents with important background information on the immune system and immunization.

Not just for mothers and babies, but for the whole family, as well as individuals seeking a natural, holistic approach to their health concerns, this book is a helpful inspiration for everybody who wants to take active responsibility for their health.