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Homeopathy Basic Seminar-
What you can expect at my Basic Seminar Homeopathy:

  • The most important building blocks of homeopathy and why homeopathy supports the self-healing powers.
  • The right medicine for suddenly occurring illnesses such as fever, children's diseases, injuries, travel sickness finden.
  • By means of examples I will show which Einflüsse has this holistic view on us humans.
  • The correct use of the homeopathic medicine chest.

What you at this Seminar learn

  • How to find the right homeopathic medicine for me and my children.
  • How I can gain more strength and self-confidence in dealing with illness.
  • How to react to possible diseases in advance and not let it come to that.

What you take with you

  • Power, energy and strength to make the right decision when homeopathic healing is needed!
  • The self-healing powers are activated and strengthened!

Homeopathy Advanced Seminar-
What you can expect at my advanced seminar in homeopathy:

  • Deepening the knowledge of the healing power of homeopathic remedies
  • Diving into the holistic view of body and soul
  • The opportunity to discuss your own experiences
  • Exchange on natural processes, such as illness and healing
  • Practical examples

What you learn in this advanced seminar

  • Intensive examination of old and inherited patterns (guilt, disappointment, etc.)
  • Healing remedies as support to free oneself from blocking issues

What you take with you from our advanced seminar

  • The knowledge of our self-healing powers is strengthened and integrated.
  • The confidence to be able to make decisions on all levels on one's own responsibility is strengthened.
  • The space for your own creativity is opened.

Upcoming events

16March18:0021:00Homeopathy - when and howBasic seminar in March 2023 - Vienna

23March18:0021:00Homeopathy - when and howBasic seminar in March 2023 - Vienna

30March18:0021:00Homeopathy - when and howBasic seminar in March 2023 - Vienna

My books

My book "homöopathisch heilen" is addressed to all who want to learn more about homoeopathy and leads readers to more self-responsibility. It is a handbook in which the healing effects of homeopathic remedies are clearly presented.

Self-responsibility instead of fear

"Remembrance of Atlantis" tells of my journey into the past, on which fear, despair and pain accompany me. These are also felt by my readers. But the book ends on a positive note: we can live the freedom we dream of.

Self-responsibility instead of fear

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